Heart + Soul

by Courageous Rue

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    Courageous Rue is a project that explores many different styles of music while retaining a common sound amongst songs. Many of these styles originate from the influences of artists we listen to. Huey Lewis and the News is one of those bands that had their own sound while incorporating blues, 80s synth pop, and rock elements into their music. Heart + Soul off of their "Sports" album is a song that showcases that unity of 80s synth pop, rock, and even a little bit of funk.

    The version of Heart + Soul presented here is to pay respect to HLATN while putting the Rue's own sound to it.


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Mechanical licenses have been obtained for this track. For inquiries, please contact bandcamp -AT- courageousrue -DOT- com.


Two oclock this morning
If she should come a calling
I couldnt dream of turning her away
And if it got hot and hectic
I know she'd be electric
Id let her take her chances with me
You see, the gets what she wants

Cause she's heart and soul
Shes hot and cold
Shes got it all, hot loving every night

Cant you see her standing there
See how she looks, see how she cares
I let her steal the night away from me
Nine oclock this morning
She left without a warning
I let her take advantage of me
You see, she got what she wanted

Cause she's heart and soul
Shes hot and cold
Shes got it all, hot loving every night


released March 31, 2011
Written by Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn.
Vocals, guitars, piano, horns, & percussion performed by Nelson Velazquez
Recorded, and produced by Nelson Velazquez
Recorded & Mastered at Courageous Studios



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